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News Blog

Welcome to public Build 3.1

Feb 13 2018

Name History Added!

UUIDs added

Mild User Interface Adjustments

Welcome to public Build 3.0

Feb 5 2018

Group Dashboards complete!

Currently supported Groups are The Vortex Coalition, The Emperium, and the SpawnMasons.

Admins only have access to groups they belong to, they cannot view other group pages.

Group Leaders are able to moderate their dashboards at their own discretion

This is a new angle for 2b2t.reviews, please suggest more features us to branch out to, especially relating to group managment.

You can now check out your character page. Currently it only displays your name.

Coming Soon:

- Customizable Profile pages - I want to make these character pages personal portfolios where you can post your work and share what you're up to. Expect this place to turn into a social network pretty soon for version 4.0.

- Add friends

- Private DM's

- Group DM's

- Timelines with your friends posts/updates

- Public Timeline with everyone's posts/updates

- Voice Chat Features on the Group Dashboard

- Add new groups yourself! Create, manage, and invite players to your group all from 2b2t.reviews!

- Branching out to any server. Maybe?

- HauseMaster's Approval and love

- More!

Welcome to public Build 2.12

Feb 4 2018

VoCo Dashboard complete

Style changes to SM Dashboard.

Welcome to public Build 2.11

Feb 4 2018

SpawnMason dashboard mostly done. Still needs leader tools. Once the SM Dashboard is done I will get the VoCo and Emperium ones running.

Fixed a mobile UI bug

Welcome to public Build 2.10

Feb 3 2018

Updated UI. 5 per line now. (Suggested by Negative_Entropy)

Welcome to public Build 2.9

Feb 3 2018

Fixed a bug that allowed mutliple registrations(They didn't save to the database, but it looked like it did)

Group dashboards permissions have been fixed.

Adding NewBlog to page index and made it modular.

Several other performance improvments and bugs squashed.

Coming Soon:

- Group only posts

- Customizable Profile pages

- Different ways to sort players

- Upvote comments

- More!

Welcome to public Build 2.8

Feb 2 2018

Groups Functionality Added!

Groups have their own dashboards

Group leaders can add users to groups and also promote other group leaders.

Lot's of stuff in place for upcoming group features. Stay tuned!

Welcome to public Build 2.7

Feb 2 2018

- Usernames on comments

- Admin pages have more information.

- Updated User Schemas - Start of Profile Pages

Welcome to public Build 2.5

Feb 1 2018

- No more robots! Captcha Verification complete.
- Added a page for robots.

Welcome to public Build 2.3

Jan 21 2018

- Added some new admin tools

- Added a new page for new users

- Updated User Interface

- Increased descriptions to 280 characters. (From 140)

Welcome to public Build 2.0

Jan 20 2018

- Captcha Forms added

- Authentication Added

- Tons and tons of new administrative tools

- Only logged in Users can make posts and comments

- Design and stlye changes

Welcome to public Build 1.1

Jan 18 2018

API Connected!

Usernames will now automatically fetch images. No more IP grabbing, no more mess!

Welcome to public Build 1.0

Jan 17 2018

We are no longer in the beta.

I am looking for some mods and admins. Please apply in the discord link below.

New features include post approval, and other administrative tools.

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